The Phantom

Reverb's a bitch. The only way to get real reverb is to play in a big, good-sounding room. But what if you can't get to a cathedral? The best simulated reverb sounds come from springs, plates and tubes... and that means lugging around a big, clunky self-contained unit.

On the flipside, most pedalboard-friendly reverbs sound tinny and artificial. What's a verb-monger to do?

THE PHANTOM AMBIENT REVERB MACHINE is ideal for players who don't want to deal with large, fragile reverb units but still demand lush, believable reverb.

With the legendary Belton reverb module at its heart, THE PHANTOM's reverb goes from eerie to epic, subtle to extreme, natural to bizarre. And it's never noisy or fake-sounding. THE PHANTOM faithfully recreates the warmth and depth of an analog reverb.

THE PHANTOM: haunting sound perfect for any genre.

Price: $179.00

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