See Some Evil, Hear Some Evil, Buy Some Evil


It’s been a while folks, but DSE is back with three new boxes, all of which are available now.

The finalized Baphomet brings a bias control to the MK II Tone Bender, one of the all-time evil and iconic fuzz tones. $179.00

The Full Moon Wolfmaker M-Fuzz recreates the balls-out roar of early-era Big Muff pedals. $179.00

And the Psilosonic II boasts both classic Script-style phasing AND more… including subtle Univibe-y swirl and the lysergic high-resonance swoosh of the Maestro Stage Phaser. This phaser can do it all. $179.00

Only the Baphomet currently has a demo video (and that’s in its earliest incarnation, when they were being built for friends, special orders and personal use) but these are all exciting pedals, and they are available now.

Email for purchasing details.

Heads Up to Japanese Pedal-Stompers

Dead Sea Stompboxes are now available in Japan via our friends at LEP INTERNATIONAL. They’ve currently got the BigbootĂ©, the Phantom and the FuzzSaw.

One Advantage of an Anemic Phrase Vocabulary…

…Is that I don’t know — and have never played — “The Lick”.

I found this clip over on good old

Aw, hell…

Neptune’s are now sold out. I’ll be working on more as soon as I get through the stuff currently on the bench.

That’s not the point of this post, though. The point of this post is that the other day, a good friend of mine was talking to me about Reverend Guitars. He was all like, “Naylor, etc, they’re made in Detroit, etc.” And I was all like, “OK, whatever.”

And then within the next week I saw these two demo clips, which I am super into, and which have me wondering if it’s time to sell the Tele Deluxe… For how they come off here they seem affordable as hell and they’re pretty wicked, especially that Sensei one…

Dead Sea Electronics at Blues Airmen Guitars

Dead Sea Electronics pedals are now available at Blues Airmen Guitars. Stop in and check out DSE Stompboxes along with a wide array of other cool gear. Blues Airmen is located at 30955 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI 48135!

New Octopus Video

Folks, I’m in a band (who’d have thought) and we just completed a new video. We’re pretty proud of it, so here it is, hopefully for your viewing enjoyment.

If you feel so inclined, you can “Like” the band — called The Octopus — over there on the Facebook.


It is with a mixture of sadness, relief (and embarrassment to our customer in NZ) that we announce: our last C’Thulhu box is on its way out of the garage, to wreak havoc and demolish psyches. Fortunately (or unfortunately — it depends how you look at it) there should be more available in about 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

Dead Sea at Berkley Music Co.

Well, it was already just about the best goddamn guitar store in SE Michigan, but now Berkley Music Company has a selection of DSE pedals in stock. Check ’em out at 3039 West 12 Mile Rd in Berkley. Browse their Gbase inventory here .

DOGBOY is Back in Stock

The Dogboy is again available. Wicked, Hendrix-approved Fuzz Face sound with tons of dynamic range.

We’re on Facebook, for whatever reason

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