Dead Sea Electronics is a one-man sweatshop. DSE Stompboxes are bad as hell. High-quality & NOS components. Classic tone. Circuits from manufacturers like BYOC and GGG. True Bypass, Made by Hand.

  • See Some Evil, Hear Some Evil, Buy Some Evil THREE NEW PEDALS NAIL CLASSIC TONES IN WICKED STYLE It's been a while folks, but DSE is back with three new boxes, all of which are available now. The finalized Baphomet brings a bias control to the MK II Tone Bender, one of the all-time evil and iconic fuzz tones. $179.00 The Full Moon Wolfmaker M-Fuzz recreates the balls-out roar of early-era Big Muff pedals. $179.00 And the Psilosonic II boasts both classic Script-style phasing AND more... including subtle Univibe-y swirl and the lysergic high-resonance swoosh of the Maestro Stage Phaser. This phaser can do it all. $179.00 Only the Baphomet currently has a demo video (and that's in its earliest incarnation, when they were being built for friends, special orders and personal use) but these are all exciting pedals, and they are available now. Email sales@deadseastompbox.com for purchasing details.

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